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Well, I just realized I never use this

Yeah.  So I figured, why not start now?  I’ll just post a short introduction about myself and what else I would post here, if anyone who reads this might have even the slightest interest in what I say.

Here we go…

I’m Dee.  I also go by flamebreather.  I love dance, creative writing, and art.  Essentially, I like being creative.  I’ve written a handful of short stories and poems- mostly for children, but I’ve also dabbled in horror.  I also suck at talking about myself, so we’ll end the introduction here.  If you have questions, you can comment below.  This is my first attempt at blogging and keeping up with a blog, so for now, I’ll be posting once a week.  Each post will have something I’ve written, so keep coming back if you like what you see.  Maybe I’ll even post my artwork at some time!


See you all again soon. 🙂



Hello and welcome!

Hello, and welcome to my new space!  I’m dee, and I come from writing.com.

I like to write fIction.  I also write heavily about my own life.  Check out some of my other works at 



I’ll be writing more here, since I’m out of free space on writing.com