Everything comes from inspiration.  What’s yours?

I draw my dance inspiration from TV I watch; I love watching dance shows, and when I have the time, I’ll be on Youtube, trying to learn at least part of the dances that I see.  I’ve been especially fascinated by tutting recently, so I’ve been trying to learn that!

My writing inspiration comes from the question “what if?”.  Sometimes, I’ll take a situation I’ve just encountered, then ask myself, “what if this part of it was different?” That gives me a bunch of space to imagine the different outcomes.

My drawing inspiration is from the internet.  I prefer to draw cartoonized versions of everything, but without a guide, everything turns out awful!  So I turn to the internet and find a sample picture.  With the sample, I can draw it as is, or modify it until I think it fits my style. 🙂

What’s your passion?  What’s your inspiration?





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